start your security program

Your company has acquired a classified contract with a government agency or has become a subcontractor through a prime contracting company. With this contract, you have received a DD Form 254 providing to the contractor (or subcontractor) the security requirements and the classification guidance that would be necessary to perform on a classified contract. The DD 254 signifies that your facility has a DSS required Facility Security Clearance (FCL) at the classification level assigned (Confidential (C), Secret (S) or Top Secret (TS)) and your facility will be either a non-possessing (no classified storage at your facility) or possessing (classified storage) facility. We can guide you through the necessary steps from initial sponsorship of your FCL to implementing and maintaining your National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) required security program.
Initiate New Facility Clearance (FCL) Program

Our team members will start from the beginning of your sponsorship of your FCL to obtaining your DD 381-R (DSS granting eligibility to your facility) to coordinating a complete security program for your facility.

JPAS Access and/or Account Manager Back Up

Your facility already has obtained a FCL, has a sound security program and only requires Defense Security Services (DSS) Account Manager Back Up within JPAS. FCL Insight team members can provide you with this assistance.

Existing FCL

Your facility has obtained a FCL and has a security program. Our team members will audit and maintain your current Facility Clearance security program.

Additional Services

You have a new or existing FCL and require additional requirements to stay NISPOM compliant. Our team members can provide you with these services.